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Find out More About Busok Cat, an Indigenous Cat of Madura

Friday, 25 November 2022 - 02:37
Find out More About Busok Cat, an Indigenous Cat of Madura Busok cat is a endemic cat from Raas Island, Madura. (PHOTO:

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTABusok cat have become a hot topic on social media. This cat suddenly became famous because it took part in the International Cat Show in Sidoarjo few days ago.

The International Cat Show itself is the largest international scale cat contest held by the World Cat Federation (WFC) through the Indonesia Cat Council (ICC). 

What's so special about the Busok cat that makes cat lovers uproar on social media? 

This cat is a authentic Raskuing from Raas Island, Madura. This cat is special because it is an endemic animal on the island of Madura. 

The shape of the face and body posture are similar with leopard and black cat. The head is slightly square at the top but tapers at the chin.

While his nose is slightly curved down like a lion's nose. For ears sticking up, and slightly pointed. 

Then the color of the fur is also unique, plain bluish gray. At first glance, this cat's fur is similar to several cat breeds from Europe, such as the Russian blue and the British short hair. 

Quoted from Kompas, biologist Ronny Rachman Noor studied the phenotypes and genotypes of Busok cats in Madura in 2009 ago. 

The research results released in the journal of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB reveal the fact that Busok cats are part of the Asian cat race. The most prominent feature is found in the shape of the tail which is bent at the end (kinky tail). 

Not only that, Ronny's research also revealed that Busok cat fur was not pure bluish-gray, but there was also milk chocolate color all over its body. 

The milk chocolate color is found on the tips of the ears, the tip of the nose, the tip of the feet and the tip of the tail. Because of these characteristics, local residents also call it as the kecubung cat. 

The natives of Raas Island, Madura also believe this cat has mystical abilities. They believe that raising Busok cats can bring them good fortune. Meanwhile, anyone who takes a Busok cat out of Madura Island will have bad luck. 

However, since the 1990, these cats have been used as souvenirs for special guests who come to Madura. 
Unfortunately, now its existence is increasingly rare, and the Sumenep Regency Government prohibits newcomers from bringing this exotic cat out of their area. 

Even if you want to bring out a Busok cat from the island of Madura, there must be several terms and conditions that must be fulfilled. One of the conditions is that the Busok cat must be neutered first to maintain the purity of its race. So, guess it needs more than just money to have this cat ey?(*)

Writer : Afdalina Amalul Hadist (MG-443)
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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