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Semilir Ecoprint Fabric: Embracing Nature's Beauty Sustainably

Friday, 22 September 2023 - 06:43
Semilir Ecoprint Fabric: Embracing Nature's Beauty Sustainably The product of Semilir Ecoprint. (Photo: Instagram @semilir_ecoprint)

TIMES JAZIRAH, YOGYAKARTASemilir Ecoprint is one of Indonesia's leading eco printing artists, deeply committed to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Ecoprinting is a simple technique of using natural dyes to create unique and authentic patterns on fabric.

The results are high-value, exclusive textiles with a touch of nature's elegance. Semilir Ecoprint has rapidly gained popularity due to its beautiful and sustainable creations.

The term "Semilir" derived from Javanese, meaning a cool, refreshing breeze. This reflects Semilir's philosophy in their business. They aim not only to provide a cooling breeze to nature but also to the local community and culture.

What is Ecoprinting?

Ecoprinting is a fascinating and eco-friendly textile art form that allows you to create unique and sustainable designs on fabric. Semilir Ecoprint, based in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is a prominent advocate of this technique. They incorporate environmental philosophy and community empowerment into every product they create, making their ecoprinted creations highly sought after.

Ecoprinting, as practiced by Semilir Ecoprint, involves a simple yet effective process of using natural dyes to transfer the intricate patterns of leaves and other organic materials onto fabric. This technique is known for its ability to infuse fabrics with exclusive and authentic designs, giving them both aesthetic and commercial value.

One remarkable achievement of Semilir Ecoprint is the development of ecoprint on Belitung's signature Kain Lantung fabric. This fabric is made from the bark of the Terap tree, beaten until it becomes smooth. Through the ecoprint technique, what was once plain fabric is now adorned with captivating natural motifs, enhancing its aesthetic and commercial value.

Alfira Oktaviani, the founder of Semilir Ecoprint, began exploring ecoprinting on Kain Lantung in 2019. This was no easy task, given that the fabric is composed of natural fibers distinct from conventional textiles. However, their exploration proved successful, and Semilir Ecoprint now produces flagship products based on Kain Lantung.

Beyond preserving culture, expanding ecoprint on Kain Lantung also serves as an effort to conserve the environment while empowering the local community. The production of this fabric involves local residents as the primary workforce, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

The Kain Lantung

Kain Lantung, made from strong and elastic natural fibers, namely terap tree is suitable for various applications such as dresses, pants, bags, and other fashion items. The ecoprinting process on this fabric is relatively straightforward and results in well-absorbed, vibrant colors.

Alfira acknowledges that the journey of building Semilir Ecoprint was not easy. They had to ensure that production remains sustainable to avoid environmental harm. However, their dedication to preserving culture and the environment through ecoprint art has earned them recognition.

In 2022, Alfira received the Satu Indonesia Award from Astra International as an inspirational figure in entrepreneurship. This acknowledgment reflects her efforts in promoting Indonesian culture, empowering communities, and implementing sustainability concepts in her business.

Semilir Ecoprint serves as a real-life example of how art and business can be used for a greater purpose, preserving culture and the environment. Through the beauty of ecoprint, they safeguard Indonesia's cultural heritage and create a positive legacy for future generations. So, if you're looking to create your unique dress, consider using ecoprint fabric from Semilir and be part of a positive change. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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