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Toko Madjoe, a 93 Year Old Bakery with Exquisite Taste of Cookies

Monday, 13 March 2023 - 00:00
Toko Madjoe, a 93 Year Old Bakery with Exquisite Taste of Cookies The 94 year old huge jars at Toko Madjoe. (Photo: Andi Yusuf/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES JAZIRAH, MALANG – Malang has dozens historical places from temple, museum, to the local restaurant and store. All were well preserved and almost a century old. Including Toko Madjoe, a local bakery which has dozens variant of cookies in it. 

This bakery has been established since 1930 and never been reconstructed since then. The store still has the same design and look since then. Everything in the store looks so vintage event the tile. Stepoing your feet into it juat like you were flew back to the old time. 

Located at Jalan Pasar Besar No 30B, Malang this place is merely a family business that is run by several memeber of family. It was now  Charles turn to manage the srore. It was actually founded by his great grandparents back then. 

"Now it is my mother turn with the help of her sister, my auntie. And as the oldest son of my mom I help her manage the store, but actually it was my auntie who helped me alot, she'sbeen dealing with the store for decades," Charles said. 

Around 25 Variant of Cookies Presented at Toko Madjoe 

Toples-toples-kaca.jpgSome cookies displayed in the old jars at Toko Madjoe. (Photo: Andi Yusuf/TIMES Indonesia)

Charles also spill out the number of the variant of sweet dough offered in this store. Accotding to him there are around 25 cookies presented to the customers each day. They all were displayed in huge old jars which is the same age with the store. 

The customers could have the cookies for IDR18 K/ounce. You could choose any of it and bring it home with the designated price. Toko Madjoe has made the cookies from the scratch with their very own secret recipe. Each one was produced by different family if the same relatives. 

The cookies were also use several old cake mold tray to shape it. The recipe was also maintained to keeping the taste stay the same the way it is  just like the first it was made. That's may be the reason why this store has never been out of business. 

The Vintage Look of Toko Madjoe and All about It 

kue-kering.jpgVintage look of Toko Madjoe Malang. (Photo: Andi Yusuf/TIMES Indonesia) 

The store has been reconstructed in 1970 due to the main street wider project. It has never been renovated since then even they do the last painting around 20 years ago untull several fays ago. The construction and everything in it was  kept the way it is and make the store has such historical value. 

Let's say the jar, the display case, the old scales and the interior design. Nothing much different to what it was the first time the store was established.  Charles and his family only add several display case to keep the growing number of jars which grows as the demand for the cookies raised. 

However, in the modern day, Toko Madjoe also follows the modernity of marketplace by offering their products through social media like Instagram or Facebook. With this method, there has been loads of customers coming from neighborhood cities to reach them and try their cookies. 

"Our customers coming not only from Malang. They came from around the corner of the country. Some from Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi even Belitung and Balikpapan," Charles, one of the managers of Toko Madjoe Malang explaining the range of customers ordering their cookies. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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