Pilgrims Addressed to Always Bring Their Hajj ID Card

Sunday, 28 May 2023 - 02:34
Pilgrims Addressed to Always Bring Their Hajj ID Card The Indonesian official scans the pilgrims ID card and help them go back to their hotel. (Photo: MCH 2023)

TIMES JAZIRAH, MADINAH – To avoid getting lost, it is mandatory for pilgrims to always carry their identification cards or hajj ID Card. The card contains a barcode storing their complete data. This small card will give them so much benefit apart of its small size. 

Many Indonesian Hajj pilgrims have experienced confusion and getting lost around the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah, especially when returning from the mosque to their hotels. it has been quite common issue for they are not familiar with the area even the hotel was not that far from the mosque. 

However, this situation can be quickly resolved if the Hajj pilgrims always carry their red-and-white identification cards. These cards contain a barcode which can immediately provide the complete identity information of the pilgrim when scanned using the Haji Pintar application.

The barcode also stores data such as the name of the hotel where the pilgrim stays in Madinah or Makkah, sector, region, hotel number, complete contact information of the group leader, and the name of the group leader.

Fahmi Zulkarnain, one of the officials from the Indonesian Hajj Organizer (PPIH) in Saudi Arabia, mentioned that he has encountered several Indonesian Hajj pilgrims who got lost because they didn't know the way back to their hotels from the mosque.

"If the pilgrims carry their identification cards, it is easy for the officials to track the hotel where they are staying by scanning the barcode on the card using the Haji Pintar application. Scanning the barcode with the Haji Pintar application will facilitate the officials in assisting the pilgrims to return to their hotels," he explained.

Zulkarnain also added that the Haji Pintar application can be downloaded by both the pilgrims and the officials. Therefore, it can be used collectively to help other Hajj pilgrims who might get lost.

Hence, it is crucial for the identification cards to be carried at all times. If a pilgrim gets lost, they can seek assistance from the officials or look for Indonesian Hajj officials wearing certain uniforms. 

The identification card or hajj ID card will provide information about the hotel where the pilgrim stays, making it easier for the officials or other pilgrims to assist them. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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