PPI Dunia Encourages Overseas Students to Remain Calm Amidst Election Results

Sunday, 18 February 2024 - 11:20
PPI Dunia Encourages Overseas Students to Remain Calm Amidst Election Results Hamzah Lubis, Coordinator of PPI Dunia. (Foto: PPI Dunia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – In response to various comments on the provisional election results post-voting, the World Indonesian Students Association (PPI Dunia) encourages the entire community to patiently await the official election results. According to the schedule, the result will be onnunced by the General Election Commission (KPU) on March 20, 2024.

"Indonesian students abroad are urged to stay focused on their studies and not be provoked by the provisional election results. We continue to encourage everyone to wait for the final official results as announced by the KPU," says Hamzah Lubis, Coordinator of PPI Dunia.

As an organization representing Indonesian students abroad, PPI Dunia is committed to ensuring that the electoral process, particularly outside Indonesia, is conducted directly, publicly, freely, secretly, honestly, and fairly. PPI Dunia consistently provides feedback to the election organizers to ensure that the principles of democracy are adhered to.

"PPI Dunia actively participates in monitoring the electoral process, especially overseas. We coordinate with PPI chapters in each country to ensure that the election is carried out as it should be," adds the Coordinator of PPI Dunia.

PPI Dunia also expresses appreciation for the active participation of Indonesian students abroad in the democratic election process. In an effort to maintain a sense of camaraderie,this oragnization invites all students to continue fostering brotherhood despite differing political choices.

Addressing the post-election dynamics, PPI Dunia will continue to serve as a bridge between Indonesian students around the world and the government, ensuring that their aspirations are advocated optimally. The spirit of national unity and positive contributions are expected to remain the primary focus, guiding towards sustainable development for Indonesia.

"Elections are momentary celebrations of democracy that may be filled with tensions among different groups. But after the elections, we are all citizens who must continue the relay of nation-building and propel the progress of our nation forward, not entangle ourselves in counterproductive issues," says Hamzah, a student from Lebanon.

Hamzah envisions the realization of "Indonesia Emas 2045" (Golden Indonesia 2045) when all elements of society unite and commit to building the nation. With the capacity held by Indonesian students abroad, Hamzah is confident that the vision of a prosperous Indonesia by 2045 can be achieved.

"Our focus abroad is to leverage the demographic bonus to contribute in achieving Indonesia Emas 2045. Regardless of the elected president, we hope for genuine attention towards Indonesian students abroad, considering them as assets to be empowered upon their return to the homeland," the Cooedinator of PPI Dunia ended..

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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