Challenge Your Adrenaline with River Tubing Tirta Tani Djojo Kediri

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 - 03:36
Challenge Your Adrenaline with River Tubing Tirta Tani Djojo Kediri The venue for river tubing with Tirta Tani Djojo Kediri. (Photo: Yobby/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES JAZIRAH, KEDIRI – As the pandemic has slightly loose it grab, the yourism industry in the country has strated to stand back on their feet. Including Tirta Tani Djojo, a local tourist destination in Kediri which offer a pleasure of river tubing. This place was expected yo be the iconic destination in the city back then. 

Located at Tiru Lor, Gurah, Kediri, East Java, this place was opened for public right in the beginning of pandemic. That's why this destination was just like a brand new car that has never been touched for 3 years. 

Unless, there has been several people visiting this olace with a strick health safety even during the pandemic. The new construction still look well maintained for the last three years. The management only build small construction for the main attraction was the nature. 

The River Tubing Facility of Tirta Tani Djojo 

Before This place was opened for public in 2019, it has been well known to be a place for river tubing by the local community. The management of TirtaTani Djojo also gave them some facilities with inflatable tube and safety jacket. 

The visitors were able to float on the river for 1 kilometer long. They will be taken to enjoy the green lish view around the river while floating and enjoy every moment they have. With the calm stream and shallow water, there will not be a guide for this sport. 

You could take your family or friends to float together and roam around the river and spend your time together. This will be a great activity to strenthen the bond between the family or friends for this activity will need some good team work to be able to float steadily on the river. 

Another Attractions Tirta Tani Djojo Has 

This destination now has been equipped with some nice attraction after neing renovated in 2019. The management added some new facilities such as those green labyrinth wanna be, and several other outbound like zip lining. 

"You could have whatever you like. Either the river tubing or another attraction. All will challenge your skill and your ability to build a good team work. "This will be a good way to build a stronger connection between one another," Abdul Rozaq, the manager if the place said. 

In addition, Tirta Tani Djojo is opened daily for public. You could do reservation for the river tubing in big group and just went for it with your family. This destination also has nice cafeteria which will fill your belly when it growls.(*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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