Gili Ketapang Island, the Drop of Heaven in Probolinggo

Sunday, 05 March 2023 - 03:52
Gili Ketapang Island, the Drop of Heaven in Probolinggo The beauty of Gili Ketapang Island seen from above, the drop of heaven in Probolinggo. (PHOTO: Instagram @desa_emas_giliketapang)

TIMES JAZIRAH, PROBOLINGGO – Probolinggo is a regency in East Java that has many worth-visiting tourism attractions, such as Gili Ketapang Island. It is a small island in Sumberasih sub-district, at the north side of Tanjung Tembaga Harbor in Probolinggo.

This place has a stunning beauty, just like the drop of heaven in Probolinggo. It offers a heavenly panorama that is pleasing to the eyes of those who visit this place. Its natural beauty will captivate the heart of anyone coming to this island. 

Pulau-Gili-Ketapang-b.jpgThe vast, white sand becomes the venue of National Commemoration Days. (PHOTO: @endlessprobolinggo)

Gili Ketapang the Drop of Heaven

It is called ‘the drop of heaven’ as it is best to be seen from above. No words can describe its stunning beauty. It is called ‘the drop of heaven’ as it is a small island with different shapes at its ends. The first end has a round shape, resembling the head of a fish. Meanwhile, the other end resembles the tail of a fish. 

The different shapes at its ends depict the beautiful painting made by God the Mighty Creator. Its ends have some differences. The bigger end is dominated by green color, which actually is a colony of dense trees on the island. 

Pulau-Gili-Ketapang-c.jpgRelaxing on the white sand while enjoying the beauty of Madura Strait will be an unforgettable experience in Gili Ketapang. (PHOTO: Gili Ketapang Official)

These green colors are spread along the parts of the island, as there are many greeneries on Gili Ketapang Island. In the middle of the island, we can see many plants. In addition to that, there are many houses of the locals. 
On the other end, the smaller one is dominated by a beautiful white color. 

This white color comes from the soft, white sand of the beach at Gili Ketapang Island. This spot is perfect for those who like to play with the beach sand. The beauty of the white sand is combined with the crystal-clear, blue water of the ocean. 

The Captivating Underwater Scenery of Gili Ketapang

The venue is also famous for its underwater beauty. Snorkeling has become a tourism icon in this place. By snorkeling, you will be able to see the beautiful, pristine coral reefs and many other marine lives. 

To get into the snorkeling spot, you should hop on a small boat that will take you around 200 meters from Gili Ketapang Island. You may also capture your best underwater moment by purchasing the tourism package offered in Gili Ketapang Island.

There will be a photographer to capture the moment while you are enjoying the underwater scenery. For those who cannot swim, fret not, as there are many professional guides and instructors that will assist you and keep you safe. 

You should not only imagine the beauty of Gili Ketapang Island. You surely have to come to this heavenly place. 
You might ask how to get there. It is easy. You can start your journey by riding a boat from Tanjung Tembaga Harbor in Probolinggo. It only takes around 30 minutes to reach the island. 

It is best for you to get here in the morning, as the waves are calm and serene. Come on, let’s visit Gili Ketapang Island in Probolinggo, one of the most stunning tourism destinations in this regency. (*)

Writer : Tiara Dewanti DJ
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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