Unveiling the Enchantment of Majalengka from Above at Pamoroan Hill

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 - 06:14
Unveiling the Enchantment of Majalengka from Above at Pamoroan Hill Captivating Beauty of Pamoroan Hill in Majalengka: A Journey through the Cloud-Laden Wonderland. (PHOTO: IG bukitpamoroan)

TIMES JAZIRAH, MAJALENGKA – Hidden within Kampung Gorono in the village of Sedaraja, Cingambul District, Majalengka Regency, West Java, there lies a mesmerizing natural destination known as Pamoroan Hill

Pamoroan Hill, this destination has become a favorite for nature enthusiasts and camping aficionados who wish to experience the allure of exotic landscapes and the sensation of traveling in a land of clouds.  

When arriving at Pamoroan Hill, visitors are immediately greeted by a variety of stunning landscapes. This place doesn't offer just one type of scenery, but a diverse array of captivating panoramas. 

The Iconic Attractions

One of the main attractions of Pamoroan Hill is the terraced rice field landscape that soothes the eyes. As the sun begins to set, the gentle sunlight radiates towards the terraces, creating a truly enchanting view. 

In turn, this captivating scene entices numerous visitors to seize the perfect moment for photography or to savor the tranquility of the natural ambiance that envelops the surroundings. 

For mountain enthusiasts, Pamoroan Hill also offers a special treat in the form of breathtaking views of Mount Ciremai and Mount Slamet in the distance, especially during sunrise or sunset. The beauty of these mountains is truly alluring and captivating. 

The Beautiful Night Ambience and Picturesque Sunrise

Rizky Andriansyah (28), one of the visitors, was truly enchanted while celebrating the night with friends during their camping trip on this hill. For him, Pamoroan Hill possesses a charm that radiates not only during the daytime.  

"As night falls, our view is treated to a sparkling city light panorama. The city lights in the distance, shimmering like stars in the sky, create a romantic ambiance," Rizky Andriansyah said, on Saturday, September 16, 2023. 

Rizky also recounted an unforgettable experience when he witnessed the sunrise from Pamoroan Hill. He described how, as the sun began to emerge from the horizon, the sky transformed into a breathtaking palette of colors, creating a truly exquisite and mesmerizing spectacle. 

"It was the perfect moment for capturing photographs or simply contemplating, even enjoying a leisurely coffee with friends while savoring the wonders of nature," he remarked. 

The Heaven Above the Clouds

Beyond its breathtaking natural vistas, Pamoroan Hill is often adorned with gentle, thick clouds, enhancing its scenic beauty. 

The sensation of being above the clouds provides a unique experience, akin to being in a tranquil land of clouds. It almost beckons travelers to feel intimately connected with nature and escape the bustle of the city.

Pamoroan Hill in Kampung Gorono, Sedaraja Village, Majalengka Regency, is a natural destination that offers a wide array of stunning natural beauties.

From terraced rice fields to mountain vistas, city lights, beautiful sunrises, and the sensation of being above the clouds, all these experiences make Pamoroan Hill in Majalengka a perfect place for camping and savoring the extraordinary natural beauty. (*)

Writer : Rohmatin Nazilah (PKL)
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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