Bowele Listed on 75 Top Tourism Villages of Indonesia

Friday, 24 March 2023 - 02:38
Bowele Listed on 75 Top Tourism Villages of Indonesia The visitors enjoying their moment at Bowele Beach, Malang. (Photo: Muhlis for TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES JAZIRAH, MALANG – Indonesia Tourism Village Award which was held by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Exonomy has released a list of 75 best place in the counrry. All of which will gibe you a jaw dropping scenery to see, including Bowele Tourism Village. 

Bowele named as one of 8 top best tourism village in East Java. Before this was being stated, the Ministry has dealt with 300 list of tourism village in the country that was put on their table. They shorted the place according to the best attraction the places have. 

This label was expected to bring a good deal to the destination. "We hope it could boost the economic level of through this industry and creative economy," Hudiyono, the Head of Departmen Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata of East Java said. 

In accordance, this place has become the one and only village which manage to go through this phase. The beauty of the surrounding area has made this place managed to attract the assessors attention. 

The Attractions Offered by Bowele 

Bowele has been known with its beautiful beach. Lots of tourists coming to this place from day to day just to get the beauty and enjoy the white vast stretched sand on the shore. The nice wave has been a sight for those surfers to go. 

Not to mention the iconic Banyu Anjlok waterfall located right on the side of the beach. Plus a beautiful lush green scenery surrounding the area. You could hear those birds chirping between the ferns and bushes racing with the calming sound of wave.
"The tourists keep coming to this place from day to day. They came from anywhere, the locals, domestic, and even foreign tourists," Muchlis, the Manager of Bowele said. 

In addition, for those willing to go offshore you can rent those mini boats and spend your time on the ocean or just turning around the island. It will be a good experience to see those beauty of the big ol blue directly from the surface. 

For your information, it's the first time for Bowele Tourism Village listed as one top 75 best tourism village in the country. In prior year, there are two touirsm village listed for this award in Malang. This will be a good stepping stone for this stone to go more and beyond. 

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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