Wisma Kley, a Nice Homestay with Wonderful View of Sipelot Beach

Minggu, 07 Maret 2021 - 03:51
Wisma Kley, a Nice Homestay with Wonderful View of Sipelot Beach The look of Wisma Key at Sipelot Beach. (Photo : adisan.id via Instagram Explor Pujiharjo)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANGSipelot beach of Malang has another new tourist attraction you need to try. It's in form of a homestay which they named as Wisma Kley. This homestay will give you a stunning view of the beach as well the local scenery.

Located right in Sipelot beach of Pujiharjo, Tirtoyudo, Malang, East Java, the homestay offers you another experience of spending your time in a beach. It feels like you have your own personal beach by staying at this place.

Wahana baru Wisma bThe Chief of Pujiharho village Hendik Arso Marhein  takes a moment at Wisma Kley with Krisdayanti, a local diva. (Photo : Hendik Arso for TIMES Indonesia).

Since it was first posted on Instagram, this homestay has attracted people's attention. The local diva, Keisdayanti which was originally came from Malang but now living in Jakarta even visited this home stay by herself.

Wisma Kley not only offers a nice place to stay during the vacation, the beauty of Sipelot beach and nice estuary lies next to it has become a nice view to have once you open your eyes in the morning.

"We offer this place for rent. The visitors could enjoy and having some nice experience of stay at this homestay for only IDR 200 K/night," The Chief of Pujiharho village Hendik Arso Marhein said on Friday (5/3/2021).

Wahana baru Wisma cThe guest enjoying their time at Wisma Kley. (Photo : Hendik Arso for TIMES Indonesia).

This homestay was built by the end of 2020, exactly on October. Wisma Kley has 12 meters square wide  with adequate facilities such as a bed room, 2 separated bed, and a fan.
Hendik said that it was their aim to attract more visitors coming to this place and enjoy the beauty of Sopelot beach. This homestay will be an iconic building to go other than the Sipelot beach itself. 

The visitors responded favorably. They gave positive feedback towards the homestay. Some of them just spend their time and took a picture in front of it and some coming to rent this place.

In the future Hendrik and the management of Sipelot Beach Malang planned to add more homestay resembles Wisma Kley. They believe that this homestay will be another reason for the visitors to come and visit the beach.(*)

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