5 Best Fishing Spots in Pacitan to Spend Your Leisure Time

Sunday, 26 March 2023 - 23:33
5 Best Fishing Spots in Pacitan to Spend Your Leisure Time The locals spending their spare time Fishing at Temperan Harbor, Pacitan. (Photo: Yusuf Arifai/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, PACITAN – Fishing while spending some leisure time in late afternoon will be a great thing to do. And if you happened to be in Pacitan there are astonishing fishing spot you could go either with your friends or families. Without any further do let's check it out. 

List of Fishing Spot in Pacitan 

1. Tamperan Harbor 

Located at Tamperan  Sidoharjo, Pacitan this place has such a stunning beauty aside of being a good spot for fishing. Situated next to an open ocean this place has become a fix area for school of fishes to hang out. 

Loads of people will go here either alone or with their loved one to fishing. During late afternoon when the sun starting to set, the view will  change and give romantic vibe. The golden glow of sunset will mesmerize your eyes and make you not eager to leave your spot. 

2. Srau Beach 

Fishing in Srau Beach will take some courage for the spot was situated near a cliff.  You need to stand over a rock which is set 20 meter over the sea. Make sure you have a long rod for 5 meter minimum with a long reel to go. 

Beside some courage, you will need to be patient for the fish will take several moment to bite your bait. But once you got the strike, you will feel adrenaline rush flowing all over your body and make you feel so happy about it. 

3. Wawaran Beach 

Located at Sidomulyo, Kebonagung, Pacitan, in this place you need extra reel to lure your rod. A long rod was also needed to catch some tuna which could be seen from the shore. When the tuna gathered, some seagulls will fly over it and give you a clue. 

4. Langitan Beach 

Located at Widoro, Donorejo, Pacitan the spot was quite sealed from the public. The spot was hidden between reef and take some courage to go under. Common people wouldn't know about this place except those regular fiherman which often hunt some good spot for fishing. 

5. Watu Bale Beach 

Located at Jetak, Tulakan, Pacitan, this palce also located on the top of the reef which is quite challenging and give you some adrenaline rush. Catching some fish in this area will give you just enough happiness till you go home. This fishing spot has been visited by lots of people and quite popular among those fisheries. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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