Tabuhan Island and Its World Class Exotic Scenery

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 - 03:12
Tabuhan Island and Its World Class Exotic Scenery The bottom glass boat running over Tabuhan Island beach. (Photo: Anggara Cahya /TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, BANYUWANGI – If you happened to visit Banyuwangi and were busy thinking of the right destination you need to go, you need to consider Tabuhan Island. This tourist attraction is one of the so many top destination listed on the city.

This destination offers such a stunning emerald green water combined with the crystal clear one. You will be able to do so much things related to water, from sport to pleasure this place is just a complete package.

No wonder people called this venue as a hidden paradise. You need to at least go to this place once in a lifetime and admire the beauty. This place guarantee you to have the best unforgettable moment in your life by enjoying all the excitement it has.

Tabuhan Island Nestled Between Java and Bali

Located in the middle of Bali Strait this place can be reached within 30 minutes boat ride from Watudodol Beach Banyuwangi. This was a deserted island without anyone living in it. It makes the area look so natural untouched. 

You can rent a boat that could accommodate 15 people for IDR300 K or those boats which can accommodate around 30 people for IDR500 K. The boat is available starting from 7 in the morning. The earlier you take the ride the longer you able to spent more time in Tabuhan Island.

You could also took a package from the local travel company for around IDR 1 M. They might  gift you several amenities like snorkeling gear and some food. This will ease yourself in enjoying the view.

The area was not more than 5 hectares wide yet enough to make make you wonder what lies inside. However, roaming around the island can be the last thing on your list to do for the beauty of the beach will take all your attention. 

The Attraction You could Enjoy at Tabuhan Island

There are so many things you can do in this place. First of all, snorkeling is a must. You could bring your own gear or get it from the travel company you were in. The emerald green water will make everything look so clear from above. 

Even if you couldn't swim, you are allowed just enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery from your boat. There was a new 1 kilometer line of coral reef conservation which will is used as the home for tons  school of fishes. 

Diving is also one desirable activities you could do in this area. Not to mention the fly fish and water skiing that you could do with the help of local guide with some additional fee.  

Some swing and underwater mailbox where you could sent a letter from also built or the sake of the visitors. The letter will arrive too the designated address in few days. You could also take some underwater picture at Tabuhan Island Banyuwangi and post it on your social media. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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