3 Enchanting Water Reservoirs in Malang to Go during Your Weekend

Sunday, 29 January 2023 - 03:56
3 Enchanting Water Reservoirs in Malang to Go during Your Weekend The Selorejo Water Reservoir of Malang. (Photo: Ayo Dolan ke Jatim)

TIMES JAZIRAH, MALANG – Enjoying your weekend with the family and loved ones has become one culture for Indonesian all over the country. And taking them to a local reservoir has become a choice, including those water reservoirs in Malang

Instead of taking the family to fancy places or those place which will make you broke these humble tourist destinations could be a perfect alternative to go. These places also offer such excitements that you can only get in those world class tourist destinations.

The price won't cost you much and the experience you get will last for a lifetime. They also offers some accommodation to stay during your visit for those who willing to stay  longer than a day or more.

These are some Exclusive Water Reservoir in Malang

1. Selorejo Water Reservoir

Located at Ngantang District of Malang this artificial lake was made in 1970. You could say it is the oldest of three. It was made to handle more water debit from Konto river which lies around the area during rainy season. 

The local community use this artificial lake to water their farm, for fish culture, and hydroelectric power plant. As in modern days, the local management added some facilities for pleasure such as boat ride, and fishing area. 

You could also take your kids to swim on their pool and do barbecue at night in front of the accommodation. The beauty of local scenery will top it off and make your weekend become one unforgettable memory. 

2. Lahor Water Reservoir

Bendungan-Lahor.jpgLahor Water Reservoir at Sumberpucung, Malang. (Photo: Ayo Dolan ke Jatim)

This place is located at the boarder between Malang and Blitar exactly  at Karangkates, Sumberpucung District, Malang Regency, East Java. It was build in 1977 during the second president of Indonesia Soeharto presidency. 

The local management build some high way on top of the bridge to shorten the distance between two cities. Only small cars are allowed to pass by by paying some designated price of ticket for IDR2 K for motorcycle and IDR3 K for cars. 

They also build a playing ground and fishing area that you could visit for IDR35 K/pax. Right in front of it, you could see cafeterias lining up offering variety of food and beverages. Some boat to rent, and nice accommodation was prepared for thos who willing to stay longer.

Not only for pleasure, the local community also use this artificial lake to water their farm. They use it as an irrigation. Not to mention another use of it i.e. to light all those electricity in Java and Bali with is superpower hydroelectric power plant.

3. Karangkates Water Reservoir

Bendungan-Karangkates.jpgKarangkates Water Reservoir. (Photo: Ayo Dolan ke Jatim)

Located at the same area with Lahor artificial lake this place has become a favorite destination to go during the weekend by the local community. It was build in 1975 and was aimed to maintain the Hydroelectric Power Plant from Lahor. 

This place has a nice pool for kids. Yu could also enjoy the artificial lake by riding a boat or fishing in the designated area. Some people will bring their own fishing and camping gear and spend more night at the bank. 

These 3 water reservoirs in Malang has stole so much attention from the local community as well those from neighborhood cities. Some people came from Tulungagung, Kediri, Blitar, and Surabaya will make some time to rest at this place whenever they pass by. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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