Experience The Best Coffee Quality at Watupanjang Coffee Farm

Saturday, 28 January 2023 - 03:05
Experience The Best Coffee Quality at Watupanjang Coffee Farm The nice ambience at Watupanjang. (Photo: Abdul Jalil/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, PROBOLINGGO – If you willing to know some variant of coffee and ho to choose a good coffee then visiting Watupanjang coffee farm of Lereng Gunung Argopuro will be the best idea to have. This place will broaden your knowledge about  things you need to know from this black beans.

This place offers a vast stretched coffee farm n the hill of Mount Argopuro. It was nestled in a remote area away from the local villagers' residences. You could reach it around 15 minutes away from the last residence you see nearby. 

this place was merely a small café which offers the nice taste of local coffee. They have some variant of Robusta and arabica which they get from the local farmers. All the coffee served to your table was the best quality they had. 

Some coffee was made of organic beans which you can't find in any other place. They grow the tree themselves and process the beans from the scratch. All the process was away from chemical things which make this coffee become one good recommendation for you.

This place also available for those who willing to see themselves the process starting from the planting to the brewing. "you could directly go to the farm and see it for yourself," Andi Purwanti, the Head of Local Tourism Awareness Community of Watupanjang said. 

Quite Popular Amongst the Students

Lots of people has visited this place either for educational purposes or just for pleasure. Some students from neighborhood universities often comes to do some class tour. "Some came from Malang, Situbondo, Surabaya, and many other cities," Andi added.

Some of them even willing to spend their night at the place using the accommodation the tourism awareness community provided for them. "They did some research, learn about coffee and else," he said.

Beside learning about coffee from the scratch they also able to enjoy a cup of good quality coffee provided by the local tourism awareness community. This community even has learned the best way to brew their coffee just like a professional barista. 

in the future, the local village administration and the tourism awareness community planned to give more time and attention to this place and make it a better tourist destination. 

Watupanjang Coffee Farm will show how a local wisdom is conducted. Taking an advantage of local products and give what they get to the nature. And this will give some benefit either to the local community and the nature.(*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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