Exploring the Enchanting Teluk Asmara Beach, Day-1: Catching Octopus

Friday, 19 April 2024 - 04:33
Exploring the Enchanting Teluk Asmara Beach, Day-1: Catching Octopus The beauty of Teluk Asmara in the morning. (Photo: Khodijah Siti/TIMES Indnesia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – Nestled along the coastline of Teluk Asmara or Asmara Bay, in Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java, is an unforgettable experience for adventure enthusiasts. As the crescent moon begins to emerge, the twilight sky casts a radiant orange hue above the receding shoreline.

During low tide, shallow coral reefs emerge, revealing the hidden secrets beneath. As the water retreats, these coral rocks become hiding spots for various marine creatures trapped by the waves, including octopuses.

Other creatures such as sea eels, baby dorado fish, and small schools of fish can be seen meandering around the pools of water among the corals. This sight enhances the beach experience, especially for those engaging in beach activities. It becomes the fortunate moment for octopus hunters to showcase their skills and luck.

Embarking on the Adventure

The crew of TIMES Indonesia, enjoying their Eid holiday break, decided to spend three days camping by the beach, with tents available for rent at Rp. 50K per night for a capacity of four. When they first set foot on the beach, it was still midday, and the waves were quite substantial.

However, as the sun began to sink towards the western horizon, the beach, typically submerged under water, started to emerge. Coral rocks protruded, creating a natural labyrinth along the shoreline, inviting people to explore what lies beneath the ocean surface.

Hidden within the crevices of these rocks lies a rich marine life. Beautiful corals, school of fish and many other sea creatures will appears on your sight. Visitors could be seen racing towards the farthest coral clusters from the shore, capturing the beauty of the serene evening with their cameras.

The Octopus Hunters

Pantai-Teluk-Asmara--2.jpgThe hermit crabs scattered around the beach. (Photo: Khodijah Siti/TIMES Indnesia)

Not wanting to miss out, the crew of TIMES Indonesia and their families joined other beachgoers, carrying makeshift equipment for catching small fish. Local men with headlamps strapped on and a gallon with a big hole pierced and supported by ropes around their necks start to emerge from the beach line.

Clad in long-sleeved shirts, shorts, and Crocs, they navigated through the coral clusters. Small iron rods with sharpened ends were tightly gripped, occasionally jabbed into the crevices between the rocks.

"Hello Sir, what are you looking for?" asked a crew member of TIMES Indonesia to one of the local guy.
"Octopus, I'm looking for the stranded octopus," replied the guy.
"Really?" she inquired.
"Yes. I've already caught two. One is large, almost the size of a human head, and the other is smaller," explained the guy as he opened his gallon, revealing two octopuses inside, one with a huge size and the another smaller one.

Instantly, the crew of TIMES Indonesia and their families were amazed by the large octopus. They the family joined the guy and walk with them just to help them spot another octopus. In another corner of the beach, many other local octopus hunters with similar attire and almost identical equipment could be seen. They appeared friendly, inviting each other to relocate to another bay.

A Night at the Seashore

The crew of TIMES Indonesia decided to retreat to the shore and end their beach activities as the Maghrib call to prayer echoed. After freshening up at the public restroom with varying tariffs ranging from 3 to 5 thousand rupiahs, they opted to rest and relieve fatigue inside their tents.

From where they pitched their tents, they could see the flickering headlamp lights of the Octopus Hunters, indicating that their activities were far from over. Time seemed to slow down at Teluk Asmara. As night fell, the moonlight reflected a mysterious gleam on the water's surface. As the night grew deeper, the crevices between the coral rocks became clearer, increasing the chances of finding octopuses.

Teluk Asmara proves that true adventure is not just about conquering nature but also about forging bonds with the surrounding environment and the people around us. This beach also serves as a perfect place to strengthen family bonds after being separated for so long due to individual busyness. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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