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Volte Kitchen, the Home of Fusion Cuisine in Cirebon

Senin, 29 Maret 2021 - 04:58
Volte Kitchen, the Home of Fusion Cuisine in Cirebon Volte Kitchen, satisfy your cravings with a variety of artistic mouth-watering foods. (PHOTO: Dede Sofiyah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Residing nearby some tourism destinations in Cirebon, East Java, Volte Kitchen is a restaurant that will give you the best dining experience. It will serves you lots of delicious food with affordable prices.

Volte Kitchen is located on Jalan Kesambi Raya 24, Cirebon. It is located near some tourist attractions, such as Gua Sunyaragi and Kraton (palace).

The Head Chef of Volte Kitchen, Oky Andrianto, stated that this restaurant serves a wide variety of foods. This restaurant’s specialty is fusion cuisine, such as Indonesian and Western fusion foods.

“Fusion food in our restaurant combines culinary elements from different countries with the local culinary traditions,” he stated.

The Operational Manager of Volte Kitchen, Fazri Kusuma, said that this restaurant always prioritizes customer’s satisfaction. They provide a spacious parking lot, free WiFi, music entertainment, and friendly service from the waiters. Volte Kitchen opens from 11 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.

In addition, Volte Kitchen has an Instagramable interior design and architecture with both classic and modern concept.  

No need to worry about the spread of Covid-19, because Volte Kitchen has always been implementing strict health and safety protocols.

Meanwhile, Riadi Darwis, the Cultural Observer and the Lecturer of Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung, emphasized that Cirebon has a huge potential of culinary and cultural tourism, especially at the northern coast area (Pantura).

He believed that it will be easy for the visitors from other cities to visit Volte Kitchen of Cirebon as it is located along the main road of Java. “The most attractive things about Cirebon is its culinary and cultural tourism,” Riadi stated. (*)

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