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Have an Exotic View of Gua Butha Bondowoso

Senin, 29 Maret 2021 - 07:44
Have an Exotic View of Gua Butha Bondowoso The entrance door to Gua Butha or Butha Cave at Jirek Mas, Cermee, Bondowoso. (PHOTO: Moh Bahri/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, BONDOWOSOGua Butha or Butha Cave of Bondowoso offers a stunning view of natural stalagmites. Not only the enchanting view, this place also included as historical site.

Located at Jirek Mas, Cermee, Bondowoso, this cave minas been proposed to be one heritage of UNESCO Global Geopark along with 5 other sites at Ijen Geopark.

Butha in the local language literally means giant. The name of the cave was taken from the relief inthe entrance door which show a creepy Guant with its fang and sharp claws.

This cave was used by the people of Majapahit Kingdom around 13th or 14th century to meditate.  On the west wing you could find a lotus relief that symbolizes the Buddhism. 

Some other typical buddhism relief were also scattered around the area. Some small holes which were expected to be the place where those people who meditated  put their lantern or candle could also be seen at the cave.

The entrance door is 3 meters high and 5 meters wide. Some number 1316 and 1394 were were carved on the cave wall which mark the year when the cave was firstly opened.

The local government choose this cave for they believe that this cave has some historical side. It is believed that the cave has something to do with the spread of Buddhism in the city.

"Its a place for meditation, for some people to get away from the crazy life, we could see it from the small holes where they put some candle in it," Ijen Geopark Cultural Expert, Tantri Raras said.

Beside the Gua Butha or Butha Cave of Cermme and Sumbewringin, Bondowoso also proposed for 3 other sites to be the heritage of UNESCO Global Geopark. They are, Tari Petik Kopi, Singo Ulung and Situs Megalitik Maskuning Kulon.(*)

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