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Java Lotus Hotel Brings Local Penyetan to Their Table

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 - 05:44
Java Lotus Hotel Brings Local Penyetan to Their Table Some variety of Penyetan served by Java Lotus Hotel. (Photo: Java Lotus Hotel for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JEMBERPenyetan or some food fried or simmered smashed on top of spicy chili sauce has become a popular dish in the country. And Java Lotus Hotel willing to bring this common food to their table and turn it into one special dish with reasonable price. 

The dish is so called as Penyetan Pedas Melekat. The management of this place would like to bring the local culture to their restaurants and take the customers to enjoy it along with them. 

They also take the ingredients from the local farmers. This way they also give something worthy for the local community and raise their economic level. This was also their way to take the customers to get the real taste of local ingredients. 

All about Penyetan Pedas Melekat of Java Lotus Hotel

Penyetan Pedas Melekat literally means super spicy smashed dishes. The main ingredients varied from fish to chicken. They have cat fish, tilapia, cow lung, shrimp, and chicken. All for fried before it was smashed on top of spicy chili sauce.

Meanwhile, the chili for the sauce was taken from the local farmer in Tengger, Bromo. The chili has will be little different to those common chili you found in local traditional market. But this chili could be found easily in Bromo. It is more to capsicum or habanero. 

The spiciness level is ten times stronger than those bird eye chili they used to added into their food. The sauce varied from sambal matah, sambal uleg, sambal bawang, and sambal ijo. Either which will give you such nice experience in tasting the local spiciness level.

Other Signature Dishes to Accompany the Penyetan of Java Lotus Hotel Jember

Not only this smashed type of dishes, this hotel also offers some other siganture dishes like Sop Iga or beef ribs soup, Sop Buntut or oxtail soup, and Ayam Kampung Bacem Pendalungan or Pendalungan special simmered sweet free raised chicken.

All these dishes could also be served with the spicy sauce to match your taste as your order. All the signature dishes will make you feel like you enjoying the rural taste in fancy way.

You could have the Penyetan and other signature dishes at MakanKOE restaurant of Java Lotus Hotel starting from IDR45 K/pax rice included. So, will you challenge your belly and try this spicy foods?.

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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