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Exploring Culinary Wonders: 7 Seaweed-Inspired Delicacies Around the World

Friday, 24 November 2023 - 03:14
Exploring Culinary Wonders: 7 Seaweed-Inspired Delicacies Around the World Kimbap Korea aka Sushi roll in Japan. (Photo: isaac1112/Freepik)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – The culinary landscape offers a captivating array of diversity, with seaweed as one increasingly prominent ingredient. While it might be unfamiliar to some, proper preparation turns seaweed into delicious dishes ready to be savored by families.

Regarded as a nutrient-rich superfood, seaweed not only contributes to delectable meals but also provides remarkable health benefits. Let's delve deeper into various dishes from around the world that harness the unique qualities of seaweed.

1. Japan: Sushi and Miso Soup

Japan, the land of sakura, is a pioneer in incorporating seaweed into its cuisine. Sushi, an iconic Japanese dish, not only features rice and fish but is often wrapped in nori (dried seaweed sheets), imparting a distinctive savory taste and texture.

Additionally, Miso Soup, a traditional Japanese soup, is often enhanced with wakame, a type of green seaweed, adding not only flavor but also extra nutrients.

2. Korea: Kimbap and Miyeokguk

In Korea, seaweed is known as gim. Kimbap, Korea's version of sushi, is not only wrapped in gim sheets but is also occasionally filled with seaweed, providing a fresh oceanic flavor.

Miyeokguk, a seaweed soup, not only offers deliciousness but is also considered a healthy choice, especially for mothers after childbirth.

3. Indonesia: Seaweed Fruit Ice

Indonesia introduces a unique and delightful beverage loved by locals and foreign tourists alike – Seaweed Fruit Ice or known by the locals Es Buah Rumput Laut. Combining the natural sweetness of fresh fruits with the nutritional benefits of seaweed, this beverage offers a unique and refreshing taste of true Indonesia.

4. Scotland: Dulse as a Snack

In Scotland, dulse seaweed is often sold as a dried snack. The price may vary depending on quantity and quality. Dulse has a unique savory and chewy taste, making it a healthy snack choice.

5. Peru: Ceviche with Seaweed

Ceviche, a fresh dish from Peru, is often served with seaweed. While seaweed prices may vary, its use in ceviche adds nutritional value and a distinctive oceanic flavor.

6. Ireland: Carrageen Moss Pudding

Ireland boasts a dessert that incorporates seaweed called Carrageen Moss Pudding. While the ingredients for this pudding might be affordable, the dish holds high historical and traditional value in Ireland.

7. United States: Seaweed Snacks

In the United States, seaweed snacks have become a popular trend. Prices vary based on the brand and packaging. As a light and healthy snack, seaweed snacks are a choice for those seeking a delicious and low-calorie alternative.

From Japan to the United States, seaweed has become an integral part of global cuisine. Beyond its unique flavors, the use of seaweed also reflects sustainability and diversity in food.

As awareness of the health benefits of seaweed continues to grow, it is certain that this food ingredient's role in global dishes will continue to evolve. Let's enjoy the deliciousness and health benefits of these diverse seaweed-inspired dishes.

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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