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Experience Rich Taste of Ayam Kampung Rempah

Monday, 13 March 2023 - 06:43
Experience Rich Taste of Ayam Kampung Rempah The Ayam Kampung Rempah of Tungku Rendang Saiyo, Indramayu. (Photo: Selamet Hidayat/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES JAZIRAH, INDRAMAYU – The local community of Indonesia has been known to have some huge attraction to chicken. They have dozens of recipe on how to create this particular ingredients into one delightful dish, including Ayam Kampung Rempah

Ayam Kampung Rempah is an original dish came from West Sumatra. It uses only free raised chicken and simmered with local herbs and spices. All the ingredients combined make the taste super special and could be served for any dining occasion. 


Just like the dish served by Tungku Rendang Saiyo. This place was just a small home industry located at Dermayu, Sindang, Indramayu, West Java. On their warehouse, they produce ready to cook chicken with special recipes which will ease everyone to serve a dining menu on their table. 

The Ingredients Used for Ayam Kampung Rempah

Tungku Rendang Saiyo uses special ingredients like ginger, garlic, galangal, ginger, and several other herbs and spices. The chicken then marinated with the ingredients and steamed for more than an hour till its cooked evenly. 

They packed the chicken in a plastic container along with the shredded ingredients on top of it. You will need to fry or just heat it in the oven for around 10 minutes once you purchase the dish. 

"We have ready to eat chicken, it will be able to preserve around 4 months since it was packed. This will be a good choice to serve for those who have limited amount of time to cook," Tarsono, the owner of Tjngku Rendang Saiyo said. 

The dish will be pack in container. A pack of this chicken will only cost you IDR75 K/kg. In a month, Tarsono could sell more than 100 pack of this dish to his costimer around the country. He also offered his product through Facebook and Instagram.  

"Praise the Lord, with our marketing through our social media account we could reach around IDR10 million income each month. And I believe the demand will raise in upcoming Ramadan," Tarsono said about the Ayam Kampung Rempah he produced. 

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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