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Cap Go Meh ala Tugu Hotel Malang, How Does It Look?

Rabu, 03 Maret 2021 - 04:33
Cap Go Meh ala Tugu Hotel Malang, How Does It Look? Cap Go Meh Feast at Tugu Hotel Malang. (Photo: Hotel Tugu Malang for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANGCap Go Meh, a hereditary tradition to celebrate the 15th day of Chinese New Year has always been a moment for a family to have dinner together at one table. For this occasion, Tugu Hotel Malang has their own way to celebrate it.

Cap Go Meh is the closing event for Chinese New Year Celebration. This is a celebration done to honor the Thai God Yi. The Thai God Yi was considered the highest god in the sky during the reign of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-221 AD).

For this special occasion the hotel prepared a special fine dining for their guests and customers. They have an exquisite dish which was only served during the King of Sugar Oei Tiong Ham time.

Oei Tiong Ham one successful businessman in Semarang. He was so popular at that time. Even Tugu Hotel has a room named after his name at their hotel.

For this special dinner, Tugu Hotel used their most valuable kitchen utensils. There are 100 years old kitchen set to accomplish this fine dining. Like the France colander, Dutch water jug, ice tube bowl  which made of Bohemian crystal and more.

Some ornaments from the house of Oei Tiong Ham were brought to decor the dining room. A 200 years old Chinese tray was also used to make the dinner look astonishing.

The dinner began with sipping the best wine in the world. Its ended with a tasty local coffee of Kawisari Orchard of Tugu Hotel. This coffee has the best taste and quality. 

As to honor Oei Tiong Ham, a sugar cane tree were put at one of the corner of the dining room. It was such an extravagant experience as well unforgettable Cap Go Meh fine dining they would ever have. Learning a history together with their family at Tugu Hotel Malang. (*)

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