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4 Comfortable Cafés in Malang Offer a Low Price of Foods and Drinks

Sunday, 29 January 2023 - 02:27
4 Comfortable Cafés in Malang Offer a Low Price of Foods and Drinks A nice comfortable café with super affordable price of food and beverages in Malang. (Photo: Instagram/@anang_sh95)

TIMES JAZIRAH, MALANG – Finding a good food and sitting in a nice café and pay it in a low price must have been a dream for everyone. And you could have it in Malang. This city will mesmerize your eyes and pamper your belly and save back account at the same time. 

It was all because the competitive situation for this city has hundreds of place doing the same business. They served the best food they can have with such an affordable price. It won't make them broke as the number of customers coming will make the cost. 

The customers was mainly depended on those university students. For your information, this city is well known with world class universities. At least there were 100 universities listed in Malang. Either those private or public one. 

This make those businessman wanted to create super affordable foods for those students which we know has limited budget to live. But in reality this offer was welcome by all the community, even those older people with prominent job. 

List of Affordable Cafes in Malang

1. DW Coffee

Having such a good place and nice food and beverage this place sit on the first list of recommended affordable café. The small size of this café makes this place could be called as distro. 

The nice ambience on this place will make you unwilling to go even after the sip of your drink. The super approachable cost of foods and beverages make your smile even bigger. All the dishes and drinks were offered starting from IDR15 k to IDR20 K. 

2. Kopi Letek

This small distro offers such nice black coffee. People coming and go for this drink and willing to have more on the next day. A cup of coffee in this place will cost you around IDR7.5 K. 

Though it's quite affordable but the taste will not disappoint you. It just will make you ask for more. And this is what those students of university need, low price coffee with good quality to make them stay awake all day.

3. Kona Coffee

This bistro located around Griya Santa. You will only need around IDR8 K for a cup of black coffee. Some snacks and food to accompany your meal time are also available in super affordable cost. This will be a great place to start your day.

4. Jemblung Coffee

This café  might have the lowest price of all. But to say the least, the taste will make you wonder whether the business will run in a year or not. But, to answer your question, this place has had 3 chain of bistro in the same city. 

A cup of their coffee will cost you for IDR6 K. This might the most popular coffee shop around Malang with super affordable price for now. And there are still dozens more comfortable café around Malang to fill your thirst of good food with good price. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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