Indonesian Pilgrims Ordered to Wear Sandals to Avoid Blisters

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 - 02:31
Indonesian Pilgrims Ordered to Wear Sandals to Avoid Blisters Indonesian pilgrims are advised to wear sandals to prevent blistering of the feet due to the hot ground under the scorching sun. (Photo: MCH 2023

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – Along with the arrival of Indonesian pilgrims in Madinah in 2023 during this hajj season, several health-related matters need to be considered for the pilgrims. One common issue that occurs in Madinah, according to health officials, is the occurrence of blisters on the feet after a long walk in a hot day on the tiles.

Blisters are common occurrence experienced by pilgrims while in Madinah, particularly when they step on the courtyard of Masjid Nabawi under the scorching sun. The Indonesian pilgrims was used to go with bare foot during their practice.

And the  blisters usually happens when  pilgrims walk without footwear in the intense heat of the sun, which can have dangerous consequences. 

"Pilgrims who perform their worship in Masjid Nabawi often lose their sandals. When they leave the mosque without wearing sandals and insist on walking, their feet will feel extremely hot during the daytime," said the Head of Health Division of Saudi Arabian PPIH, Dr. M. Imran, on Tuesday (23/5/2023).

Imran explained that this issue is a common thing for pilgrims use different doors when entering and exiting Masjid Nabawi. Moreover, the size and vastness of Masjid Nabawi add to the challenge. Alternatively, sandals may be entrusted to other pilgrims and get separated when returning.

Even if they consider the distance between the mosque and the hotel to be close, they should still wear sandals. Walk in bare foot without wearing sandals can have serious consequences, as the feet can perform blister.

"If the blisters are severe, the pilgrims may need inpatient treatment for a week. Moreover, for pilgrims with other health risks such as diabetes, the healing process may take longer," he explained.

He provided tips for pilgrims who will worship in Masjid Nabawi, which is to bring a plastic bag to store their sandals. This way, the sandals will not be left behind before entering the mosque.

"The sandals are put into a plastic bag, then brought inside the mosque and placed near their worship area. When they want to leave, they can simply take the sandals from the plastic bag. This way, everything remains safe, and worship can be performed peacefully," he added.

Imran advised Indonesian pilgrims during 2023 hajj season who lose their sandals not to risk walking back to their accommodations. It is better to contact the authorities for assistance. If they need to take initial action for the blister, rinsing it with water and get some medicaation from the local drug store or professional health is advisable. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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