PPI Dunia and PPMI Mesir Explore Export Opportunities in Egypt

Friday, 24 November 2023 - 04:48
PPI Dunia and PPMI Mesir Explore Export Opportunities in Egypt PPI Dunia and PPMI Mesir held a meeting with Trade Attache Cairo. (Photo PPI Dunia)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – PPMI Mesir, the Association of Indonesian Students and Scholars in Egypt and PPI Dunia also known as the Indonesian Student Association Worldwide, met the Cairo Trade Attache M. Syahran Bakti (20/11/2023). Syahran explained that Indonesian students could serve as strategic market information agents for Indonesian producers looking to enter the Middle East export market.

"I strongly support the initiatives of my fellow students, especially about this export matters, as to increase Indonesia's exports to Egypt," Syahran said during the meeting.

M. Ghoffa Fajrul Halim from the Studentpreneur Community in Egypt mentioned that they would soon hold a meeting for student entrepreneurs in the region and visit the 2023 Food Africa event in Cairo.

For your information, Food Africa 2023 in Cairo is one of Egypt's largest international exhibitions for food and beverage products. Attending such events provides valuable insights into import-export dynamics.

"Following the visit to the embassy, shortly we plan to establish a community of Indonesian student exporters in Egypt under the guidance of Atdag (Trade Attache) Cairo. This community is expected to strengthen the network of student entrepreneurs in Egypt and further increase Indonesia's export to Egypt," he explained.

Representative of the Ministry of PSDM PPMI PPMI Mesir, Thareque Kareem, also conveyed PPMI's commitment. The organization is determined to support the improvement of Indonesian students' competencies in the field of import and export.

PPI-Dunia-b.jpgPPI Dunia and PPMI Mesir along with Trade Attache Cairo and the staff took a moment for picture. (Photo: PPI Dunia)

"The high enthusiasm of Indonesian students in Egypt to export Indonesian products, discussed during the meeting with the Trade Attaché, will be further deliberated with the PPMI board in the near future, so it can be promptly followed up and realized," he said.

He added that in the future, all forms of collaboration with the Trade Attaché are expected to support the economic independence of Indonesian students in Egypt.

Lutfiyatul Azizah, Studentpreneur Coordinator from the Directorate of Business Innovation Development of PPI World, echoed similar sentiments. They will fully support the export enthusiasm of Indonesian students in Egypt through various programs in this year's leadership period.

"Currently, we are running the PPI Dunia Export School program with more than 500 participants for the first wave. For the Egypt region, we will follow up with a discussion with the trade representatives along with Mr. Atdag Kairo and other PPI World programs," Lutfiyatul explained.

At the same time, Lutfiyatul, who is currently studying in Egypt, hopes that similar initiatives can be emulated by Indonesian students in other countries. "As with PPI Mesir, PPI Dunia is ready to assist in creating collaborations with the government," she concluded. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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