Indonesian Pilgrims: Push TeleHajj Panic Button and the Medic Will Come to You

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 - 09:12
Indonesian Pilgrims: Push TeleHajj Panic Button and the Medic Will Come to You Healthcare personnel performing simulation to assist the pilgrims. (Photo: MCH 2023)

TIMES JAZIRAH, JAKARTA – Indonesian Hajj pilgrims will soon arrive in Madinah. Amidst the hot temperature in Madinah, several health issues may arise for the Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in 2023. Several precaution have been taken to ensure the health of the pilgrims and provide appropriate care. One of them is through the TeleHajj application. 

TeleHajj was built to assist the pilgrims in need of help.Those include whenever they have some health issue or illness around Masjid Nabawi or other locations, they can click the panic button on the TeleHajj application, which can be downloaded or installed beforehand. 

Afterwards, healthcare personnel will communicate and respond. Dr. M. Imran, the Head of Health Division of Saudi Arabian PPIH, explained that by pressing the panic button, the pilgrims will be connected to healthcare professionals. Once their position is known, further communication and treatment can be provided. 

"There is also a health post in a specific sector, at Gate 21 on the north side of Masjid Nabawi. If any pilgrims was found sick, they can be taken to the nearest health post. Alternatively, if a pilgrim is feeling unwell, they can look for Indonesian Hajj staff in certain uniform or seek assistance from other pilgrims in finding a staff member," he explained from the Indonesian Hajj Health Clinic in Madinah on Tuesday (23/5/2023). 

Imran further explained that around Masjid Nabawi, there are also mobile Hajj healthcare. They will be assigned during vulnerable times or when the sun is scorching. This typically occurs from around Dhuhr prayer to Asr prayer. "They carry equipment that can assist when  providing initial healthcare treatment needed," he added. 

What if Hajj pilgrims take care of their own health issues early on? For example, if they have blistered feet, it is recommended to rinse them with water. Imran emphasized not to apply toothpaste to the blisters as it can trap heat inside. 

Similarly, if Indonesian Hajj staff members encounter pilgrims who are feeling unwell due to the hot temperature, they can evacuate them to a shade and then pour water on them to lower the skin surface temperature exposed to the sun. 

Various preventive measures and preparedness for providing care have been taken by the Indonesian government to ensure the health of the pilgrims in 2023 hajj season. The TeleHajj Panic Button will help alot in this case. (*)

Writer : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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